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The objective of the PPGEL is to qualify and train Masters and Doctors for the development of research and teaching practices in the field of Linguistic Studies, through innovative approaches and with an impact on society.

(a) In the Master's course, the PPGEL has the objective of giving the opportunity to deepen the academic knowledge of the students and to develop their skills in the planning and execution of research in the area of ​​Linguistic Studies, addressing a topic related to the area of ​​concentration and linked to one of the research interest of the program. The master student is expected to be able to prepare a theoretically based dissertation and to reveal the ability to systematize and master the scientific methodology appropriate to the object studied.

(b) In the Doctorate course, the student is expected to expand their knowledge and skills to carry out advanced research in the area of ​​Linguistic Studies, with due criticality as an individual responsible for the production of knowledge and aware of the ethical implications that this process implies. The thesis produced must reveal a significant contribution to the development of the field of knowledge, with a view to promoting the advancement of scientific thinking.

(c) Both the Master Program and the Doctoral Program invest in raising student awareness about the importance of criticism and scientific debate, by encouraging the publication of articles and participation in events in the country and abroad. Students must carry out a Teaching Practicum, thus preparing themselves for the exercise of teaching, expanding their opportunities for insertion in the work context.

(d) As regards graduates, the PPGEL seeks to train professionals capable of acting as teachers and researchers, both in Basic Education and in Higher Education. Such professionals should be able to manage the complexity of language and its multiple relationships with society.

(e) In relation to professors-researchers, the PPGEL aims to promote and support the development of research activities, education and extension that enable the consolidation and expansion of projects and research interests that make up the program, in addition to encouraging the exchange between national and international institutions.

(f) As the institution, it is intended to contribute to the consolidation of a leadership profile in the training of professors-researchers through the strengthening of the research interests, permanently nourished by new projects and researchers.
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