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The research interest titled: “Linguistic Variation and Change in Portuguese” contemplates documentation research, description and analysis of linguistic variation and change from the historical, social, regional and cultural point of view. It hosts studies related to the theoretical frameworks of Sociolinguistics, Grammaticalization, Ethnolinguistics, Generative Theory (especially the Parametric Sociolinguistics approach), Functionalism and other theories of variation and change. In the field of cultural history of writing practices and the socio-history of Portuguese, research based on editions and studies of texts and speech samples are considered, with special interest for the semi-arid Bahia, contemplating all levels. of linguistic analysis – phonetic-phonological, morphological, syntactic, semantic, pragmatic and lexical – with a view to characterizing Brazilian Portuguese. Research involve varieties of Brazilian Portuguese and African Portuguese, treated in isolation or in comparison with other linguistic-cultural contexts, are also part of this Research Interest.
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